Having never managed to pluck any SSTV images from 10 meters, I decided 12 days ago to switch the standalone SSTV setup from its sweet spot on 14 MHz over to 28 MHz, in the hope of finally getting something usable from that band.

Multipsk sstv screen

Multipsk SSTV Screen

Its safe to say that the word standalone hasn’t really applied this last week as I’ve given the receiver monitoring the 10 meter slow scan television frequency a lot of attention to make sure sounds levels are where they should be, no matter what time of day it is.

Even after all that tweaking the whole thing has been a total failure. That said there were a few close calls on the long bank holiday weekend, but the signals were mixed in with the noise and you know that never does well in the decoder.

Where Next?

Pretty happy with the antenna I’m using on 10 meters as it performs well on everything (except SSTV), but there’s always room for improvement and will be working on it over the next few months. Maybe later in the summer when the band conditions get a little better I’ll have more luck 🙂

Although general temperatures are on the up, summers really dragging itself in 2015. This time last year we already had a few wild camping trips under our belt and it was getting to that stage where it was difficult to sleep at night because of the heat.

Back to 14 MHz

Not seeing any pictures on the computer at the end of everyday has been frustrating but I’m just about to re-tune the radio back down to 14 MHz where I can be sure of getting a nice collection of SSTV images by this evening.

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