Scouting around the web the other day for a decent lightweight vertical 14Mhz setup to use while summer wild camping and I stumbled across DK7IH’s website which showcases his home brew gear.

Google sort of worked right when it threw me a bunch of links as it took my to a related page where the portable antenna for the 20 meter handheld is thrashed out.

As I was already interested, a quick search of the website bought me to the radio itself and a wealth of information on its design and construction, along with contacts made using the set.

The well put together 20 meter ‘handy’ can be found over at DK7IH’s Website and there’s even a nice clear full circuit diagram if your up to building something similar yourselves.

I’ve half a mind to attempt it myself, but even though it would probably work, going on my usual construction standards, I’m pretty sure it won’t be put together as well 🙂

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