A few days ago I got busy and raised my homemade 20 meter dipole up higher. To be honest its been exactly where I assembled it for testing a few months ago and even though it was getting good results, there’s always that need to have the best antenna you can given the space available.

Putting a long pole on the one end and tying off the other end much higher up the back of the house has raised the overall height by a good few meters, but has also given it more of a downward slant. This slant made me worry about the perfomance, so at the expense of less important things than radio 🙂 , I took the time to fire up the rig tonight to see how things were working now.

Responsive Contacts!

First noticeable difference was the shorter gap between people responding to my CQ calls (10 watt output). Where as I could normally take a good 20 mins to get a response, things are happening much quicker now (also the overall reception has perked up).

Even is a short space of time I bagged FN4QD/P (308 miles), OK1PSI (763 miles), OK1JOP (694 miles), RK4PR (2184 miles) and IZ8IFL (1156 miles).

Not too bad for a brief weekday session and I’m now looking forward to the weekend for enough time to give PSK a proper bashing (hopefully crack that 10 watt across the pond PSK contact!)

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