Spend enough time listening to shortwave transmissions and you’ll get to know where certain signals are straight away but with the ever changing SW band landscape (especially broadcasting) its good to have a reference to fall back on.

Although getting hold of the raw data is possible with a fair amount of searching online there’s nothing like having it to hand and in a format made for the SWL.

World Radio TV Handbook 2015

World Radio TV Handbook 2015

World Radio TV Handbook 2015
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Running in at 672 pages this guide has a by country listing of broadcasters not only for the shortwave bands but also has sections devoted to longwave, mediumwave, along with listings for terrestrial TV.

Its not just about the listings though as the book contains more information of interest to the SWL, here’s a quick run down of the contains.

Features : Reviews of receivers and SW radio articles

National Radio : LW,MW,SW and FM domestic radio listings by country.

International Radio : LW,MW and SW international listing plus schedules

Frequency Lists : The main event, a massive collection of radio station frequencies.

Television : TV station listings

Reference : A detailed section covering those stations and information not wrote about in the other sections of the book.

Klingenfuss SW Frequency Guide (19th Edition)

Another guide that’s got a long history is the feature packed Klingenfuss series. With the current 19th version fully updated to reflect the recent changes on the HF bands its difficult to choose between the two guides listed here.

The website does have a selection of sample pages to have a gander at, so you know the sort of format you can expect if you’ve never look at this guide before.

Book or Disc

Any decent frequency guide should come in both paper and computer disc formats (as the two listed above do) and its all down to the way you do your SW listening as to which one you prefer.

A disc version does make the whole process of finding frequencies very searchable but given the RF junk even a basic computer close to SW receivers can throw out I much rather the book.

Like most SWL’s its hard to do away with a computer all together and Ive managed to minimize the interference but its still a pain sometimes when you can’t listen to a particular frequency without turning the thing off first.

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