After returning from the wasteland of 28Mhz SSTV, the computer has been happily churning out pictures from 14Mhz. I’ve stripped out the duplicates, messed up decodes and images containing partial nudity (more than a few), with the rest now loaded into the SSTV Gallery

Here’s a few of the latest pictures from 20 meters…..

SSTV_RX 2015-05-11 14h25m08s

SSTV_RX 2015-05-11 17h24m30s

SSTV_RX 2015-05-11 18h49m16s

More From This Batch

I’d say there’s about another hundred that need sorting through, but even a quick glance tells me there won’t be many good ones as they were received later at night when the band was closing down.

It looks like only a tenth will be usable and they will be resized and in the gallery before Monday morning.

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