I’m in the middle of adding a whole new bunch of ‘stuff’ to my radio collection and am currently working though a list of new goodies for the shack (and beyond).

With the nearest ham equipment dealer to me being Radioworld up in Great Wyrley, this does involve a fair bit of traveling, but always so worth the trip. Making the journey over the weekend netted me 3 more items off my wish list, along with the chance of drooling over some of the ‘big’ HF rigs they have on sale 🙂

The Zetagi MOD 102 HF SWR meter is just the ticket for adding to a (hopefully) lightweight HF field day kit I,m trying to throw together before the summer really kicks in.

Still haven’t nailed down what type of antenna to use whilst out and about yet, but also picked up a single band 20 meter mobile whip for testing that could do well with some sort of radial system?? (and lets face it, if I pick my camping spot properly, there’s no shortage of room for that setup).

The Microset power supply doubles up as a cheap replacement for a recently deceased CB one and can manage 10 watts for a HF set (if I ever need to use it).

Minus One ATU

As Radioworld have a selection of secondhand gear in the store, I was hoping to snag a cheap manual and light ATU for the HF field day kit. Unfortunately luck wasn’t with me and all the had was those beautiful LDG automatic tuners.

A little out of my price range for what I planned to spend on the day and I’m only thankful there’s not an ATM right outside the shop or I’d have caved in and bought one!

With trips out to a few radio rallies on the cards in the next few weeks, I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s a nice cheap ATU gathering dust somewhere that will end up on a stall all ready for a new home.

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