After giving up my trusted DX394 over to a little standalone SSTV decoding setup I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. Keeping an eye on eBay has turned up nothing that looks like it will last (or has been cared for). Was just about thinking of switching to another model when a friend called to say he’d down all the hard work for me and tracked one down.

Another plus side is that he lives near enough for me to go and get it in person instead of leaving it to the tender mercies of the postal system. It’s now been nicely slotting into the same space the old one occupied and it’s good to have that void on my desk filled at last.

Realistic DX394 shortwave radio

Realistic DX394 shortwave radio in it’s new home

I’m told it’s only had a few owners over the years, careful ones too by the overall condition. Even have the original telescopic antenna that shipped with the radio, although I doubt I’ll ever make use of it as I’d rather string up a quick bit of wire 🙂

New YouTube Channel

While enjoying the video making side of things for one of our other websites it dawned on me that all the radio websites could do with their own place to host the increasing amount of videos we’re making (and planning to make).

The channels a little empty at the moment with only the short video above of the new Realistic DX394 to get things going but your welcome to take a look here

With a few cameras on hand it’s just a matter of going through them to find out which is easier to use and turns out the best close up videos. Half the battle sometimes is getting the raw video onto a computer and in a format you can work with straight away.

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