The beautiful weather has kept me outside so much lately that the Internet side of my hobbies has really started to slide. Logging onto my various email accounts and seeing the piled up messages made me realize I’ve been doing a whole lot more playing than working (the balance has gone out the window).

You’d not believe the horror that passing up a weekend of nice weather brings, but if I don’t get a handle on it right now, its going to be a long slog to get back on top.

pirate radio freqs

The one advantage of being stuck indoors over the weekend is the chance to get some serious radio time in. Working better with music meant that pirate stations were the brain food of choice throughout my Sunday of self imposed captivity 🙂

Here’s the log from Sunday’s pirate radio listening session along with a few clips of audio (underneath log) that I managed to record. Its as little empty tonight as I was doing more listening and working instead of noting things down on paper.

The 6Mhz band started going wrong for me from about 18.30 and I drop down to the frequnicies around 1.6Mhz . The second piece of audio below was captured about this time just so you can see the amount of long fading that was going on.


Sunday 15th May 2016 Pirate Radio Log

FrequencyTime (Gmt)StationComments
630513.55Big Radio LondonIn the noise
638514.24Hitmix RadioExcellent strong signal and good tunes
162918.52Radio Columbia Beautiful Signal!
164518.53Radio Meteor

Pirate Radio Audio Clips

This is the nice signal that Radio Hitmix was throwing into the UK tonight

When the band goes bad 🙂

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