Setting up a software defined radio for listening only can be done cheaply enough with a RTL dongle but what if your looking for all the flexibility SDR brings in a full mode transceiver package instead?

Pictured below is Siru Innovation’s SDR20 Multi Touch Radio. With everything wrapped up in one compact unit that needs no external keyboard/screen, its stunning and shows the possibilities that exist with SDR technology.

Siru SDR20 multi touch SDR Transceiver

Siru SDR20 Multi Touch SDR Transceiver : Picture Courtesy of Siru

There are a few ready made modules available that will give SDR RX/TX over a decent slice of the radio spectrum but they still need to be interfaced and given a supply of power.

Some Quick Specs

Things can change a lot when your dealing with a SDR transmitter instead of just a receiver, so here’s a rundown of the SDR20’s main features.

  • DC to 2.5 GHz Non Stop Frequency Coverage
  • Dual Channel Transceiver
  • 100mW transmitter power output, enough to work with and Siru do supply products to boost this
  • Ethernet connection
  • View up to 200MHz bandwidth per channel

Here’s the Siru SDR in Action…

And the Cost….

You have to keep in mind that this SDR transceiver is right up there in the professional side of the market and the price tag of around $3,800 reflects this. Not cheap as a hobby radio, but when you consider what some governments agencies / private companies most spend on communications tech each year, its flexibility probably makes it a bargain!.

I still want one very badly though 🙂

You can take a look at what Siru have to offer over on their website.

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