We’ve been following the progress of Outernet for a while now because of the way the content delivery system could further effect the dwindling use of the shortwave bands for news and culture media. Our main concern is with broadcasters looking for cheaper and more modern ways of reaching global audiences and the possibility that Outernet could help speed up the evacuation of the shortwave bands.

cube satellites in space

A Quick Recap on Outernet

Outernet’s goal is to place in orbit a whole network of micro satellites that will offer global coverage of content. By just imagining the amount of tablets and other media devices already in place that could be easily interfaced with DVB dongles to receive these signals, you start to get an idea the powerful reach such a system could have if fully implemented.

The broadcast side of these satellites is only the beginning of a long term project which hopes to blanket the globe with free Internet using the same signals

Testing Phase

Things have certainly moved on since we wrote about the service last, meaning they’re now almost ready to start testing in selected regions of the world with the latest date looking to be August 1st. Initial testing will be around the 12 GHz frequency (KU band) which is far removed from the UHF allocations planned to deliver the service when its fully operational.

Sticking with the community aspect of the project everybody is giving a chance to vote on where this switch on will be.

How content for the Outernet service will be selected is still unclear but the organization seem to want this to be voted on also. With so much to choose from this would have to be presented in a multi choice format to make selection much simpler.

The original article we wrote about Outernet can be found Here and if you want to take a look at their website to see what the project is all about (and maybe vote on the test region) you can find them at www.outernet.is

There is a wealth of information in the on site forum along with the more technical aspects of the system explained.

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