Listening to some old recordings of vintage shortwave broadcasts a few weeks ago got me to thinking how it would be a great addition to have some of them on this site for everybody to hear. Never wishing to disappoint we’ve kept it to ourselves until we were absolutely sure we could pull it off.

Luckily for us it turns out that its not too much of a problem and we’ll be rolling it out across our other radio sites in time but this site gets top priority as we feel its going to work best here.

There is a new Audio Files link up in the top menu where we will be putting links to all the posts with sound clips, in an attempt to keep this page clean looking and user friendly there is going to be a period of change as we try different looks, so bare with us πŸ™‚

Sound dog

Some of the audio will come from the fantastic resource that is The Short Wave Radio Archive, seriously worth visiting for anybody who’s interested in radio whatever side of the hobby you enjoy, while the rest will be from our own recordings (unless stated otherwise).

Hosting Technology

Thankfully the WordPress software that Short Wave On The Go is built on has had an integrated audio player for a while now. This means not having to rely on a third party plugin to do the job of delivering the audio clips. Plugins are only good provided the person who made them continues to upgrade them as WordPress changes and we really don’t want to have to go through countless posts a year from now correcting all the broken audio file links (nightmare).

Hosting the audio the same place as my website files isn’t much of an option because there’s a problem with the speed of transfer which after a few tests shows its just not good enough.

Until we get some proper dedicated fast hosting in place it will have to do for now, its a priority though as I’m sure my website hosting providers not going to be happy with the bandwidth when there’s a lot of MP3 files being streamed to this website everyday.

Recording and Editing Our Audio

With more than enough radios wired into the computer with use for data modes everything is ready to go for actually getting the sound onto a hard drive. Recording and editing will be done with the Audacity freeware software.

The learning curve on this software is small as its been used by some of the team before and a little bit of playing should bring us all bang up to date. Please note if you want to spit out MP3’s you’ll have to install a separate encoder and all the instructions are on the Audacity website.

First Attempt

As a taste of things to come here is a short recording of 80’s Radio Moscow from the Short Wave Radio Archive. This is also a chance for us to do some proper long term testing on the choices we’ve made with the audio player. We want to make sure is functions as we hope before littering the entire website with something that’s broken πŸ™‚

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