Shiny new radios or well looked after vintage models can be a thing of beauty but are you one of those who spends a massive amount of time (and money) laying out the radio shack or are you more concerned with just getting on and using the radios.

There are advantages to going down the neat route, like having a multitude of antennas run into the shack properly, power systems all tidied up and everything at hand (this is even more crucial if you have a bunch of different radios all set up in one place).

radio shack

Even though I have accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest) for all my websites, the truth is I’ve never been that much into the whole social media thing and have tried to limit the time spent on these websites with a few exceptions.

Examples of Neat Radio Shacks

One of these is a Facebook group called Shortwave Listeners Worldwide which serves up a steady stream of news, shortwave users videos and some very nice pictures of radio enthusiasts listening posts.

Its interesting to see the amount of effort put into getting everything just right, so all the radios and accessorizes are laid out in a functional way. Even though I like some sort of order with all my equipment, I don’t think I’d ever get to the point of neatness that some of these radio users achieve.

I endeavor to get my stuff together but the problem is I’m always messing around with the radios and any tidy/functional layout doesn’t seem to stay neat for very long 🙂 , add to this the problem that a large proportion of my sets get dragged off out into the countryside on a regular basis and you see the problem.

Maybe more radios is the answer, with sets separated into those that stay put and others used exclusively for radio field days?.

How do you Manage?

Are you one of the chaps I see posting their purpose built radio rooms on Facebook or do you follow my messy route and make do with clutter provided it all sort of works? (comment box is further down the page).

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2 Responses to Are you a SW Radio Neat Freak?

  1. John C. says:

    I tend to like the neat look. Most of the fantastic shack pictures I see are guys who have a Ham license too. They are the ones that have rigs that totaled together price wise could maybe buy me a Corvette. Most shortwave listening shacks I’ve seen don’t have 10 + radios. I have four in my shack with two being SDRs and one a small CR-1a, so not much to show except for the laptop and PC screen. The only radio big is the Satelitt 750 that was my second rig three years ago.

    • Carl says:

      Hey John

      I’m with you on the minimalist shack. Even though I own a fair few big physical radios, more and more of my time is being spent using SDR gear and everything is starting to center around one big base unit PC and a little laptop.

      I’m sure I’m waffled on over one of my radio sites about what SDR could do to the sales of big box radios (ham and SWL) over the next few years.

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