Only usually being able to listen to the shortwave bands during the day does keep most of my activities above 10 MHz with the odd session down around 40 meters just as its getting dark.

All that changes this time of year as I shift to a more nocturnal cycle for the month of January. Don’t know if its the way it gets dark so early this time of year but I’d rather work at night than during the day, giving the great side effect of being able to give the lower part of the HF spectrum a good thrashing.

Half Moon sm

Its all good at the moment as I have the house to myself during the day leaving just enough time to catch a few hours sleep but I’ll have to sort the sleep pattern out by the weekend.

It reminds me of when I first discovered SW radio and I’d stay up til the early hours listening to the radio through a pair of headphones and hoping my parents didn’t find out. I still use the headphones so the audio doesn’t wake the family but the problem of being found out has gone away.

Trying to manage school on just a couple of hours sleep a night was a challenge and as you can imagine things got even more complicated once I discovered CB radio 🙂

It does come at a price though as I suffer the half annoyed, half puzzled looks of the family as I sloop of to bed at 9am.

Pirate Audio Snippets

Also been poking around the shortwave audio archive and found a collection of recordings from a pirate station called Wolverine Radio. This was one of the few that broadcast on sideband that ever produced a good enough signal on my end to make listening for any length of time easy on the ear.

The station also sends out a SSTV picture at the end of the broadcast, examples of which can be seen on the recordings page. Never got around to decoding the SSTV myself so its good to see what they were sending out.

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