Extended 3 day weekends always result in a higher level of hobby radio traffic on the HF band. This includes ham, CB and the many pirate radio stations that spring to life on the weekends.

Having got back into logging pirate stations after a massive 5 year gap, I devoted the whole bank holiday evening to finding as many as possible, although being away from the game for so long its going to take a bit of practice (and patience) to identify them.

All these stations were received using a SDR dongle with UpConverter (Ham It Up) and fed by about 20 meters of wire.

Rem Island Pirate Radio Station

Rem Island, Former Home Of Radio Noordzee

European Pirate Radio Log

FrequencyTime (Gmt)StationComments
630517.19Radio Merlin International Music
632117.30Radio XTC?Music
638017.36Radio Rona LisaMusic
626218.24Radio TelstarGreat Signal!
621019.01Radio MustangVery Quiet
628919.27Zender BatavierBooming!
688021.01Radio EuropeDistorted
623821.06Radio UndergroundMusic
695021.07Radio MirabelleGreat Signal
632021.12Radio MontferlandBronski Beat
642321.39Radio HitmixDeep Fade
164221.58Radio KristalStrong Signal
620022.18Radio Henk FMQuiet

I usually like to listen to music while working at the computer and although tuning around the HF band for pirate stations does take a bit more effort than FM radio stations, its worth it just for the very diverse tunes some of the stations churn out.

An All Nighter On The Cards

Going to be a late one tonight as I’m in the full grip of my summertime insomnia, meaning I’ll probably just be going to bed when everybody else is waking up 🙂 , as soon as the pirates dry up I’m off to see what data modes the overnight ham bands have to offer.

I’m filling all the station details out as I go along as it save going through a list later and making possible mistakes when they’re copied over.

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