Changes in the SSTV decoding setup are paying off and by recycling some of the “junk” collected over the years, it didn’t cost a penny.

The one problem with decoding via a computers sound card is you can only do one mode at a time per computer. After digging out an old 550MHz Dell PC desktop and setting it up for the sole purpose of working with SSTV, it means I can pretty much leave it on all the time. This is a vast improvement over using my main PC and stopping me from doing other things (as if I need another distraction).

New SSTV Images

Here’s a few of the latest images added and you take a look at the rest by heading over to the SSTV gallery.

sstv slide show

Also changed the isolating transformer between computer and radio that stops all the RF junk produced by the PC getting into the radio for a much smaller type. Not only do I not have to turn up the shortwave radio so much to get the level I want, it seems to produce a much cleaner audio signal for MultiPSK to work with.

Its nice to have this setup tucked away in the corner of my office with the only drawback being badly missing the Realistic DX394 that,s doing the receiving and I’m already looking for a cheap second model to fill the void on the desk.

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