The Tecsun PL398BT dual speaker shortwave radio offers a host of refinements including DSP (Digital Signal Processing), Tecsun’s Easy Tuning Mode (ETM), improved sound quality provided by the twin 2.5 Inch front mounted speakers and wireless connectivity through an integrated Bluetooth system.

Finding signals over entire bands is simply with the ETM function, just start the radio scanning and it will bookmark every transmission it finds, either over its entire frequency range or a section of the band you choose. Once finished all the stations can be quickly flipped through to find something of interest and cutting right back on the amount of time spent manually tuning the radio.

Being a Bluetooth enable device it lets you stream the audio from this receiver through any wireless device around the house. Even though the standard Bluetooth signal doesn’t have much in the way of range, its usually enough to cover most households (unless you live in a massive sprawling mansion.

Also keep in mind that transmissions at the frequency Bluetooth operates on are easily blocked by metal structures or enclosures.

Dual Speaker Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL398BT Dual Speaker Shortwave Radio
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Even with the extra speaker compared to the typical Tecsun shortwave receiver the PL398BT still manages to pull off being used as a portable radio. A well laid out control panel still leaves room in the front case for the speakers and a large display without cramming everything together and forcing us to deal tiny buttons.

The included accessories do give a cost saving when using some of the features on this radio although there is no bundled AC adapter, probably because it can be powered from a USB port but these are not always available so sourcing an adapter is always a good idea.

Doubling up as a small amplifier for mobile phones and other portable devices that can throw out audio through a 3.5 mm jack plug seems the logical choice with the 2 speakers. Using this option at full volume is going to eat into the batteries though and having some spares on hand will give continued use.

As usual with the modern Tecsun gear this shortwave receiver has the time saving and useful features we come to expect from this manufacturer with the Bluetooth wireless option bringing us a whole new way of listening.

Tecsun PL398BT Specifications

Frequency Coverage

FM: (VHF) 88 – 108 MHz
AM: 520-1710 KHz
LW: 153 – 513 KHz
SW: 2,300-21,950 KHz
550 Memories (Total)

Power and Audio

Powered via USB or 2 AA Batteries
Dual 2.5 Inch Speakers
Stereo Earphone Jack Socket (3.5 mm)


Length : 7.5 Inches
Width : 1.75 Inches
Height : 3.5 Inches
Weight: 13 oz

Included in the Box

Stereo Earphones (3.5 mm)
Plugin External Antenna (3.5 mm)
Line In Audio Cable (3.5 mm)
Carrying Pouch
English Instruction Manual
Warranty Card.

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