Found this Lowe HF 225 up on UK’s eBay after taking a trip down memory lane by checking out the prices of radios I had from new. My HF 225 was bought direct from Lowe in Bristol when I used to live there and even though I can’t properly remember the exact price, the wallet string still sticks in the mind 🙂

At the time of writing this listing is pretty new and only has a few bids on it which should change as the auction nears its end.

There’s a little cosmetic damage to the front of this casing but a definite plus is this HF 225 comes with both the keypad (saves on endless hideous dial spinning) and the AM synchro option fitted.


Lowe HF 225 HF Receiver

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Lowe HF 225 Specs

AM/SSB/CW (plus the AM synchro option fitted on this radio)
0.03-30 MHz
12 VDC (Power Supply)

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