Browsing through for vintage radio eye candy (never a waste of time) served up this beautiful Airline SW/AM radio. The radio looks in great condition for its age and the seller (a fellow radio ham judging by the glimpse of a modern transceiver in the background of one photo) marks the unit as functioning correctly.

Looking at the ‘Airline’ range of radios Montgomery Ward produced, shows similar models that seemed to get more stylish with each new revision. I love the way it has ‘shatterproof case’ written on the back of the unit (see pictures on eBay), something you’d not see on today’s portable electronics.

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Airline AM/SW Portable Radio

Airline AM/SW Portable Radio


With a limited receive in the SW band from 2.5 to 6.5 Mhz it still covers some busy frequencies and if AM dxing’s your thing then its good to go, but lets face it with an up to date SW radio costing next to nothing these days, the overiding reason for owning this radio has more to do with collecting and showing it off to friends/other radio geeks 🙂

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