After neglecting Facebook for a long time, I’m getting back into it now but only when it comes to some of the excellent hobby radio groups that it hosts (if I told you how few Facebook ‘Friends’ I actually had, you probably wouldn’t believe me!).

Trying not to clutter up my news feed, I’ve been very selective about what gets shown because spending all that time scrolling down through posts isn’t for me. Along with best shortwave groups followed there’s also a small amount of very active ham radio groups and one of the newest additions is (SOTA) Summits on the Air

Schell Creek Range

Schell Creek Range, Nevada

If you’ve got a passion for operating radio outdoors, this group is well worth investing some time in. Not only is there great detail on what equipment people are using plus the DX contacts being made, but also a constant stream of stunning SOTA location pictures.

So far the community have been helpful to newbie questions with a sprinkling of good humor thrown in and even though I’ll never get round to many of the absolutely amazing locations shown, its still good to see radio users getting out there 🙂

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