I’ve been looking for a secondhand FT817 for a while now and not wanting to throw myself at the mercy of auction websites like eBay have been waiting for one to come up somewhere I can go have a look at it along with a quick play before I part with any money.

Casually looking at my local radio shops website (roughly 30 miles away) yesterday showed they had a used one up for sale and what was meant to be a quiet day relaxing in front of the radio turned into a scramble for the next train out. Luckily I already had a fair amount of money on me and managed to get the rest within the withdraw limits on my bank card.



817’s don’t stay on the shelf for long and even though I knew this may be a wasted trip as someone could have easily bought it online by the time I got there, I’m now the happy owner of a pretty tidy new rig (just in time for those summer mountain camping trips to roll around).

Most of the controls are easy enough to wrap my head around, but have spent a good few hours thumbing through the manual taking time to be sure not to get stuck when using it outdoors. After a good session on my home antennas everything checks out and all that’s needed now is a dry night to get myself up on a piece of high ground for a proper SOTA try out 🙂

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