The amount of activity yesterday on 14MHz SSTV left us with plenty of received pictures even after we stripped out the duplicate and really messy ones. Kicking off at around 7am (GMT) the calling channel was busy until about 8pm with the cleanest images received in the morning and night time.

sstv pic 2

Yesterday was one of those rare days when I had to go out and do something that just couldn’t be put off, so even though leaving radios and computers on when out is not something I like to do, it would have been a shame to miss all these lovely images.

Checking the program late last night showed roughly 200 images received but after sifting though them this morning I only ended up with 26 good enough to show up properly on this site. Not being there to adjust audio input levels for the decoder does cause problems as the band changes throughout the day and a lot more errors start to creep into the decode.

sstv pic 1

Epic Fail

You’d think that getting the pictures onto a computer would be the hard but of using SSTV and under normal conditions it should be. But as these images are meant for this website, there’s a difference set of hoops to jump through.

Unfortunately the gallery plugin we use to show the images took offense at our attempts to add more pictures and showed its anger by crashing this website. Its been a while since I used it last and there’s been a big WordPress update since then, making me think there could be some compatibility issues going on.

Converting and resizing the pictures the SSTV decoder spits out usually takes maximum of an hour but all the messing around just trying to get into this site to simply turn the faulty plugin off made it a full mornings work. Going through all the easy options to fix the problem didn’t help and only the last resort of going directly into the server and stripping out the misbehaving plugin files made any difference.

Never Give Up

I have all the original pictures that were in the gallery safe and sound on my computer and once the plugin gets fixed (or replaced) things will be back to normal. The plugin has always been a little quirky but was the best option for us at the time, with any luck something better has been released since I last went plugin hunting.

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