Automation is a nice time saver, but sometimes there’s nothing like giving a bit of HF decoding the human touch. Since setting up a standalone receiver plus computer that’s been sat on 14.230Mhz reaping a regular crop of SSTV pictures (when the times available to weed out all the messed up images and tweak the audio levels), I manage to get some good images without having to do much at all.

With the cold weather putting a major dent in my outdoor trips means plenty of cosy nights sat with my radio collection to get going on a winter full of data decoding. Still trying to get perfect decoding from online SDR and every bit of time spent on this gets me a little closer.

To be honest I can’t remember the last time that SSTV was pulled out of the air while my fingers were on the decoder and its nice to have the time to make those subtle changes needed to get a better rate of perfect images.

Multipsk won’t Play with my i5 and Online SDR!

Its not often I admit defeat, but after pulling my hair out as to why MultiPSK refuses to generate nice images on my big computer, its down to MMSSTV to show how its done. Hours spent messing around with the audio quality/levels on MultiPSK just kept producing the same badly synced images?

This is in contrast to the minimal setup time it took MMSSTV to turn out some cracking pictures. Don’t get me wrong, MultiPSK is a very well made piece of software (works fine on my other PC’s) but getting it to where it should be on the 5 core processor has taken up way too much of my time already.

Dropping the MMSSTV images into the SSTV Gallery is sadly going to take longer because the format type is different to what I’m used to working with and this needs to be changed for matching with the collection of images already stored.

MMSSTV + Online SDR SSTV Pictures

Very pleased with the images I got this morning even though they were plucked from the air over a short period of time and across some of the lower, more messy ham bands (if only people would please stop splattering voice all over the various SSTV frequencies!).

With the ability that online SDR brings, I’m now looking forward to experimenting with snatching images from places around the world that only the craziest propagation conditions would normally allow me to reach 🙂

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