After bagging my first ham radio ‘pedestrian mobile’ a few days ago (Scotland on 14 MHz), it got me intrigued as to what sort of operating setup allows you to use that particular suffix.

Found a fair amount of information on the various ham radio forums (along with a few setups), but lucked out with a detailed handbook written by WA3WSJ.

Stocked full of info, the handbook is a long read and text heavy but so worth the effort if only for the passion this side of Amateur radio gets given by the Author.

Although the rise of viable handhelds has made operating from outdoor places simpler, they do have limitations mainly based around their battery capacity. Using a purpose built rig allows for the mounting of a bigger power source and a higher performance antenna than mobiles can handle, with the only cut off point being the amount of weight you can handle 🙂

The handbook comes in an easy to print PDF format and can be found over at WA3WSJ’s Pedestrian Mobile Handbook

Pedestrian Mobile Video

Also happened across this great YouTube video of a 21,000 km 14MHz SSB contact using backpack rigs alone!

Enjoy 🙂

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