With the lovely summer night time temperatures really kicking in now, I thought a change was needed this weekend and as there was a nice chunk of my time to used as I wished, took my SWL radio session outdoors to escape all that manmade QRM (along with having fun experimenting with temporary wire antennas)

The weathers getting better and even though its a long way from those steamy summer nights where your sat on a mountain early in the morning wearing nothing but shorts and a T-shirt, its at that level now that I can do away with a sleeping bag and just stretch out on a bed roll.

Realistic DX394

Just Baking in the Sun!

Had a crazy moment where the thought of giving my battered Eton e5 an outing seemed like a good idea, but then remember its not very stable these days and choose the Realistic DX394 instead. The DX394 is such a great little radio that I now own 2 of them and getting it to run decently on a pack of AA batteries is easy enough.

The antenna was about 10 meters of decent gauge insulated wire that I just threw down over the side of the hill. If it wasn’t such a beautiful day, I would have found a tree and put up a vertical but was not willing to get out of the sun.

View from the Hill

View from the Hill

Living in a pretty rural area means not having to travel far for a perfect spot away from the rest of humanity, with this place in Astwood Bank only being about 2 hours walk.

Pirate Radio

My main reason for dragging radios outside was to log pirate radio stations and even though Laser Hits gave a fantastic soundtrack to my wild camping trip, there was very little to be heard (log below).

17.50, 6.220Mhz, Laser Hits, Very Nice Signal
17.53, 6.424Mhz, Unidentified, Barely Readable
18.41, 6.234Mhz, Unidentified, Strong with Light Fade
19.24, 6.300Mhz, Unidentified, Very Weak
21.13, 6.285Mhz, Unidentified, Strong Signal
22.04, 6.307Mhz, Unidentified, Very Weak

Ham Bands

With the European pirate radio signals in short supply, I kept switching over the the ham bands looking for some juicy DX. Didn’t find anything too exotic, although there were some interesting stations on the air.

One Ham I listened to for a while (and with a great signal on 20 meters) was GB2NWA, a special event station from Northfield airfield about 20km outside London.

As the night progressed there were the usual stations from across Europe, made all much clearer because of the lack of noise in this location.

Video Clips

Didn’t take a mountain of video as I was enjoying the outdoor radio time so much, but I’ve pieced together what was on the Go Pro this morning and you can see it below.

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2 Responses to Hilltop SWL Overnighter 17 June 2017

  1. Emerald Central Radio says:

    A bit cold to be out wandering around the countryside here, maybe in a few months. Love your videos.

    • Carl says:

      Summer will come around soon enough 🙂 Thanks for the nice remark about my video and for sharing it on Facebook.

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