Depending on which of our radio websites you read, you may be aware that I’m in the thick of it at the moment, cleaning up the hosting side of things. Today was going to be one hell of a productive day with a fair amount of shortwave radio thrown in (if only to justify getting out of bed at 3am).

The main problem with our present hosting is a lack of capacity that’s been easily chewed through as this website has grown. The solution is simple enough, just get a better hosting deal with more space, processing power and (the most important) lots of bandwidth for visitors.

rack mouted web servers

Slightly Aged Web Servers, Hope the Ones I’m Paying for Are a Bit More Modern 🙂

A Different Animal

All hosting control panels offer pretty much the same tools but you’d be surprised at the little differences that aren’t immediately obvious until you take a long hard look at the way your shiny new server is setup.

With the sort of change I was making this morning, it is (normally) just a matter of taking all the WordPress files and a copy of the database over to the new hosting, yeah right 🙂

After the move I kept getting a whole range of errors until it eat into 4 hours of my day and I retreated, putting the site back on the old hosting.

As far as I can work out is that all the extra layers of security put on this site didn’t take too kindly to being ripped from one server to another or the more custom changes I’ve made server side don’t want to play nice with the new hosting.

Things are getting desperate with the load on the (soon to be) old hosting and a decent link on somewhere like Reddit will probably push it off a cliff. Still enough hair has been pulled today and its almost time for a bit of pirate radio action.

The Grand Plan

Will be stripping some of the WordPress add-on’s out before I have another go sometime in the week. Schedule wise, I want everything moved over to the new hosting well before the end of August because I’ve got an itch to ramp up the social media side of the traffic we get and start posting much more often.

Its a weird situation (which I’m sure others have faced) where your a little nervous about driving traffic to a website because its not setup to take a huge amount of extra volume!.

I remember writing a post a while ago, where I wondered why there were so many abandoned radio blogs floated around the web. Looking back now I think I’ve answered my own question, its because their a pain in the arse to maintain and actually get in the way of using any radio whatsoever!.

But that’s for another day, for now its feet up time in front of the radio with a huge cup of coffee 🙂

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