The internet has become a huge social animal in the last decade with every interest and passion having their own spaces where liked minded people can hang out, share stories and find the latest news.

You won’t have to go far to find a shortwave radio group with the big social platforms like Facebook having more than a few (with some abandoned). I like to pop into every forum and group I belong to at least once a week to catch up, see what everybody is doing with their radios and find new articles.


Even when you discount the obvious places to go (Facebook, Twitter etc) there’s still plenty of great radio resources to be found and when not messing with radios or climbing mountains these are where I like to spend my time.


The shortwave section of Reddit does go through quiet patches then get a rush of stories and links posted in a short space of time. A mixture of chat and links to shortwave sites the group sees articles from the bigger sites along with the little blogs that you may never have seen before.

Relying on Google and its many layers of filters to serve new radio fodder strips out a massive amount of websites that you may be interested in (unless your search query is very precise). Reddit’s feed is raw with the chance to decide on the merit of peoples articles yourself.

If you plan to use the board please read the rules of the road and be aware as with any forum/group full of people passionate about a particular subject keep on topic or risk being eaten alive 🙂


Not exactly the biggest on the web the shortwave group at Flickr only stands at a little over 300 members (at the time of writing) and there isn’t much in the way of discussion going on but its backed up with the thing Flickr does best, lots and lots of great photos!

Stacks of pictures ranging from extreme vintage to modern radios and if your like me and prefer to see the inner workings of radios you’ll be happy with the vast amount of sets without their lids on.

The DXZone

It wouldn’t be right to list online radio resources without having the beast that is The DXZone in here somewhere and although it doesn’t have a big social aspect it still deserves recognition.

A huge website with jumping off points into every aspect of our radio hobby you could think of, its very easy to spend far too much time there when you should be doing other things.

If you’ve never had a look at any of the websites listed above I urge you to give them a go ASAP 🙂

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