A few months ago I wrote about a shortwave radio in the works that could be fitted to any vehicle that had a decent level of car stereo installed. At the time the project by an engineer called Fred was trying for a $10,000 dollar prize to help his design on its way.

Got thinking about how it was all going this morning so popped over to the competition website to see if the BST-1 had managed to scope any funds but unfortunately even after being finalized, Fred didn’t get enough votes to win.

BST-1 SW radio base unit

Core of the BST-1, Photo Credit carshortwaveradio.com

He was beaten in the end by a web application, some sort of educational robot and what looks to be a piece of software the monitors your homes energy consumption (along with other things).

Moving Forward?

Nothing really seems to have changed over at the BST-1 website with the only indication of any hold up being the notice right at the top stating the radio is waiting for FCC approval.

With all the work already done on the project, I would like to think that Fred won’t let not winning the contest stand in his way and hopefully we’ll be seeing the product reach the stage where it can be sold in the United states.

I’m hugely interested in how all this works out and will be giving an update the moment the status of the project changes.

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One Response to Latest on the BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio

  1. This is now in production and taking orders!

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