After making a few little improvements in the wire antenna connected to my SSTV receiver setup, I thought it would be a good idea to pull some of the images off and put them into the SSTV Gallery. Not wanting to deal with the huge backlog of images already on the PC, meant only working with what was captured over the last few days (I’ll get to the rest if there’s ever enough time!).

20 Meters has been pretty good recently (considering where we are in the solar cycle) with openings well into the night and I managed to get quite a few usable images 🙂

I’ve also been switching between MultiPSK and the excellent MMSSTV software (I find MMSSTV a little easier when it comes to the transmitting side of this data-mode).

This has caused the problem of having to rename every image MMSSTV creates in the same way that MultiPSK automatically spits them out or they don’t go into the SSTV gallery in the right order (cut and paste is my friend).

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