Ever since my treasured pair of modular Sennheiser headphones decided to break in a way that couldn’t be fixed (and believe me I tried), there’s been a lack of a decent set of headphones for me to use with my radios.

Buying online could be an option but although there are some basic things to watch for with headphones (like a wide frequency response), any headphones are only judged worthy once I’ve got them plugged in and on my head.

This lack of testing has kept me from paying more than a few pound for a pair and have certainly had a few sets that make you realize how poor those products at the bottom end of the market really are.

Philips SHL3165 headphones

Philips SHL3165 headphones, Gotta Love Shiny New Toys 🙂

It was only the other day that I was musing about those shops (now few and fair between) where you could have a listen to headphones before you bought them. Living out in the sticks with not much past banks and shoes shops, there really isn’t a lot of choice. I suspect nearly every shop would be less than happy with me pealing off the packaging just so they could be plugged into a MP3 player 🙂


Imagine how happy I was this morning on the usual weekend supply run to one of the local soulless mega stores when I found a whole rack of headphones all wired up to a music player (bonus).

As experience has made perfectly clear, the ‘budget’ models sounded like you were listening through a few feet of water and although the top end headphones were fantastic, I didn’t have that much money to spend.

Settling for the best sounding mid priced pair, I ended up with these lightweight Philips SHl3165 headphones.

Philips SHL3165 uncased

First Impressions and that Bass Thing

Took the time to try out the headphones in a few of the shortwave sets (and scanners) I have and it proved the hour spent in the shop making my decision was time well spent. With the trend being geared toward more bass in headphones at the moment (great for listening to music but not so good for communications monitoring) these are well rounded with just enough bass and plenty at the top end of the range.

Its my usual Sunday pirate radio night and I’m ripping through all the chores so I can take the time to sit down and give these new headphones a dam good work out.

Slight Niggle

Being used to my old Sennheiser’s having an extra long cord that only ran to one side of the headphones made the shorter (but usable) cable on these new ones seem a little restrictive.

Working up a fix though with some old ear bud cable and a 3.5mm stereo socket, would normally just cut and solder an extra length of wire if they were headphones of the cheaper variety but want to keep these pristine for as long as humanly possible 🙂

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