Taking the precautions of limiting available funds has saved me from going overboard at radio rallies in the past. Having all that lovely equipment in one place is a temptation beyond belief and I’ll usually find plenty of stuff to cart home (usually).

Even taking 2 spins around the Wythall ham rally last weekend didn’t turn up a thing I wanted/could afford. This is the only time I can remember not coming away with at least something and it wasn’t because there was a lack of gear up for sale.

empty hands

Yep, shovels (trouble using phones and notebook keyboards? , you bet!)

Still, the small entry charge was more than worth the chance of walking around for a few hours nosing at all the radios and digging through boxes of vintage components.

Could It Be?

Perhaps I’ve reached that point where I’m happy with my current radios (could that ever possibly happen?), although there were a few things that made me wish there was a load more money in my wallet, but this would put a big spanner in my great effort to limit my terrible habit of impulse buying on this hobby.

Another factor is that I’m not building anything at the moment. Usually ham rallies are a great source of cheap/hard to find electronic components and there’s normally a list of things I want to buy on the day.

It did give me a few great ideas for future projects though and I’ve already made a start on working out what I need.


Because of my back water location 🙂 , I don’t get much chance to visit the few big radio dealers left around the country, making the chance to look at the radio gear on the Martin Lynch stall a real buzz. They also seemed to be doing a great trade with a few happy people walking away with boxed up radio transceivers during the time I was taking a look.

Already working through the list of this years rallies to see which is the next nearest to me, although I’m almost positive there’s going to be a few fairly long train journeys involved this year.

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