Whoever said ‘all good things must end’ probably had a heartache or 2 down the line but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the fact that an old friend is swiftly heading for the knackers yard.

The Veteran

This is my battered and bruised Eton E5 (if you follow me on social media you would have seen it as my avatar). This has been our constant companion for many years on more wild camping trips than I can count.

Even though I’ve done my best to look after it, there have been times when its been trod on, dropped, had a good soaking (that’s all weather camping for you) and that’s before you take into account the little insects that get inside and wander about the LCD until they die (likely of boredom).

damaged eton E5

You’ve done will but times up now!

But in the face of all that abuse its kept going, but the latest round of issues are telling me that it could be time to look for a replacement.

1. Coaxing it into life is becoming more difficult with a weird combination of slotting the last battery in while tapping the power button??.

2. Its also eating batteries like you wouldn’t believe, making it very expensive to take camping or hiking, but there’s a problem that’s makes these 2 seem like mild irritations and that is the constant drifting.

You’ll be lucky to have the radio stay on channel for maybe 10 minutes before it starts to drift and this gets a lot worse if its a warm day. Its no fun having to stop every half mile and deal with the thing.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I could get another good condition E5 easily enough or a new Grundig G5, but I’m a sucker for new tech and would rather spend money on a radio that I’ve never used before.

While intending to make an extra effort to take a lot more care of the replacement, it still needs to withstand little accidents, which are sometimes completely unavoidable.

Maybe its time to draw up a list of portables that will fill the huge boots this one is going to leave behind.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated, especially if you use a shortwave receiver in similar crappy conditions?.

There’s more information on the damage this tough little radio has taken in a post I wrote a while ago – Eton E5 – Ten Years Review

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6 Responses to Maybe This Is The End?

  1. Robert Dyer WB5EAT says:

    One last comment , I use the G3 as well as the PL660 to audio link the VOA digital broadcast
    to my laptop with fldigi mode software , .Interesting project with txt and images .

  2. Robert Dyer WB5EAT says:

    I previously had gifted my youngest son and a good friend with Grundig G3 radios after purchasing the Tecsun pl 660 and just got one of them back still in the box . I am now a happy camper !

  3. Robert Dyer. WB5EAT says:

    Tecsun PL 660 is my pick as well. A reliable performer that does a good job with only one shortfall.
    No line out jack ! What a bummer.

    • Carl says:

      Mmmmm, think I can just about manage without a line out, being its not going to be hooked up to anything.

      The 660 has already made the shortlist and there may be a shiny new one winging its way to me soon 🙂

  4. Broadwing says:

    Good to see you got your use out of the radio. For a fairly decent radio I would suggest a Tecsun PL-660. It has nice controls, and will stand up to rough use although not too rough. I have one and it is my primary unit for outdoor DXing. Good luck in your endeavors.

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