Listening to a VK station doing an excellent job working across Europe at 8am today I suddenly notice the amount of mic keying that was going on.

I could detect at least 3 different transmitters attempting to get in the way. This isn’t the usual empty carrier you get sometimes when operators quickly tune their radio, its a prolonged and deliberate plan to screw things up for everybody else.


With variations of empty carriers to constant whistling it does seriously hack me off and its not just the voice transmissions that get the treatment. If you’ve ever played with SSTV you can understand the mess it makes of a picture with loud whistling thrown into the decoding process.

One of these days I half expect to hear some cheesy 80,s mix tape blaring out of my radio (channel 19 CB Style) as if by some weird retro time wrap ducting effect.

See I spend a lot of time of 14 MHz, its always busy for me and its where most of the data mode traffic is but lately the mic keying is getting out of hand. Are the CB bands that dead now that the path to least resistance when it comes to annoying people is buying an old HF set or is the quality/patience/manners of some amateur operators swiftly going down the toilet?.

Just Who Are These People?

I sometimes hope that if they’re licensed ham users they suffer the same disruption when trying to use their radio properly but fear that will just continue the cycle of abuse.

Judging by the strength and zero fade of the signal even when heavily attenuated one of these mic keyers seems to be pretty close to me, making me curious who it is. Very tempted to break out some DF equipment to find out although this could be difficult with the short signal bursts.

Perhaps today has just been a lot worse than usual or my tolerance isn’t firmly in place but I can’t be the only one who has a problem with this. Maybe a few days away from the radio and I’ll feel a little better about it.

Or Perhaps I’ll spend the time on some of the HF data modes which although do have some problems with mic keyers its at a much lower level than voice transmissions.

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