Oh yeah, another house move is in the works and even after all the messing around and lugging stuff, I’ll be moving into a much bigger place with more room for my ever growing radio/computer collection and a worrying amount of camping equipment.

Have already started taking down my antenna farm, which is probably 30 percent of the work needed to get myself completely shifted to the new place.

On the VHF/UHF side alone, the move makes great sense for radio as there’s a nice jump in altitude at the new location. The extra height also takes out the problem I’ve had with one of the bigger hills nearby, that does a great job of blocking all line of sight transmissions from the North.

new 4 monitor computer desk

How Many Monitors Does One Man Need?

Treated myself to a new desk for the new place (pictured above) as the addition of another computer and monitor made the old one very cramped. When I first looked at this desk it seemed too low but now its in place and my chair has been suitably adjusted, its perfect!

Looking for a Quieter Time

The one thing that’s always bothered me about the place I’m living now is a pretty high level of wide band interference. Its something I’ve had to get used to over the last year but I’m really hoping that the new house will be a little quieter on the RF side of things.

As it was getting in the way of one major passion in my life, lots of time has been spent trying to narrow and eventually kill the problem, but all to no use. It could be a nearby electrical transformer of something messy my neighbors are using.

It certainly looks like its being generated by something around the mains voltage range and its always there no matter what time of day it is.

It’s not all bad though as this interference crapping all over large chunks of the HF band has made me get out operating portable a lot more recently. The joy of having a really low noise floor is well worth the effort of dragging a little bit of equipment up a hill or two 🙂

Plenty of Work Ahead

Even though the move will be done in a few days, I know its going to be weeks (and weeks) before my collection of longwires and antennas are setup to the level they are at the moment and I’m so glad its summertime.

This plus all the fiddling around running coax and power leads means its going to be a very busy week ahead.

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2 Responses to Moving House Again and What I Hope gets Left Behind

  1. John C. says:

    Thanks for the updates. I was wondering if some of your RFI issues could be from the computer equipment? I use two SDRs and two PCs, one main frame, one laptop. I have about a S4-5 noise threshold. The house was built in the early 1960s so I imagine a lot is from the old wiring and all the electronic appliances running 24/7 like aquarium pumps, frig, and other. Just the nature of the beast!

    • Carl says:

      Hi John

      I can’t have all these computers running while listening to the HF bands :), so they are powered down and I used an older laptop for any audio/data decoding.

      Just a thought on using SDR dongles (if that’s what your using).

      I’ve found that a bit of distance from PC to SDR helps with the noise floor and use the USB extension leads that generally come bundled with mobile broadband dongles.

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