Looking back through the SSTV gallery shows that most of the slow scan pictures are lifted from 14Mhz, along with a sprinkling from the other lower HF ham bands. The one thing that’s missing though is a single image received from 10 meters.

Its not for the lack of trying with a few hours spent listening there (at peak times) every week, but as of yet Ive not managed to get a proper decode. There’s been the odd garbled mess which would look terrible in the gallery and that’s about it.

Singing Monkeys SSTV picture

One Of The Better Images From 14 MHz

One Whole Week On 10 Meters

To balance things out I’m leaving behind the plenty full SSTV on 14 MHz and setting everything up for a full 7 day stint on 28 MHz. Had a quick check of the chosen antenna, computer and receiver this morning and its all good to go.

Such is my resolve that I’ll even be leaving the decoder on 24 hrs a day instead of sometimes turning it off at night, while also taking more care over the audio settings as the band changes throughout the day.

Line In The Sand

If after a week there are no good new images to add to the gallery I will admit defeat but only until a way is found to get a better reception on 10 Meters from my location 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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