After extinguishing the possibilities for antennas at my current location, I’ve done that thing a lot of radio geeks do at one time or another and found a new place to live based almost entirely on where it is and how much latitude there is for putting up bigger antennas.

Its not that my landlord isn’t totally against the whole ham radio thing (even though he can’t get his head around it), its just my old location didn’t have an easy infrastructure to support anything beyond simple and short wire antennas.

This Garden Needs a Bonfire 🙂

All that’s changed now and with direct access to a much bigger garden (pictured above) along with a ready collection of mounting options courtesy of a range of left over TV antenna/satellite dish mounts, its certainly going to change the way I enjoy the hobby.

Bye Bye Old Dish!

Improvements All Round!

Altitude has gone up a bit, which is going to improve VHF/UHF side of things, but the main difference (and the one aspect I’m really looking forward to setting up) is the chance to put up a whacking big vertical HF antenna. As I have an abundance of non HF antennas all ready to be set up, its the shortwave side of things that’s getting most of my attention this time around.

If only we could do the American flag pole thing in our homes with the chance for hiding a decent wire vertical that brings. Although with so few flagpoles around in the UK, it would probably raise more eyebrows than a tall HF antenna anyway.

Pushing Against the Limits

I very much doubt that a massive tower with a full size HF beam is on the cards (if only), although I’ll be more than happy with a nice big vertical that will get passed the landlord (and hopefully not freak the neighbors out too much).

Now, guess what I’ll be doing this weekend 🙂

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