After getting into online software defined radio in a big way recently and having had more time to play around with the interface, I thought it would be a great idea to make a little video showing how it all works.

Wanted to add this to the first online S.D.R post but didn’t have a good enough screen recorder on the go to make it look credible. The recorder to make this video isn’t new, I just spent a huge amount of time configuring and working out the best file formats with the free one from Icecream Apps that I already had to hand.

Also had to mess around with windows, which just wouldn’t record system sound without my intervention (there’s something backward about having to run a lead from the headphone socket to microphone input just to record audio). Ain’t computers great 🙂

Easy Interface

The video shows how to directly enter frequencies, mode selection and tuning using the interface provided. Everything is point and click and the only time you’ll need to touch the keyboard is to enter the numbers of a known frequency.

The waterfall represents the presence and strength of signals being received. This feature is pretty much standard across SDR and data decoding programs, meaning once you’ve nailed down how it works, other pieces of software will make sense almost straight away (hopefully).

The SDR website used can be found at

Not There Yet

Looking at the finished video there’s a few things I would have done differently, like record a narrower screen size and might have to replace this video with a better one in the future (once I’ve perfected the whole process).

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