Not strictly shortwave radio but my interest in Outernet started because it was another service that has the potential to take more broadcasting stations/content away from the SW bands.

Since then the whole idea has took my interest and along with the mountain of other radio related emails that fill my inbox everyday, there’s occasionally one from the Outernet newsletter I signed up for.

cube satellites in space

This one was promoting their ready to go Raspberry Pi kits, which I thought was a natural progression considering the low cost service they’re running and I know there’s a huge online community that’s grown up around Raspberry Pi’s (along with a fair amount of crossover into hobby radio).

In the Box?

The kits come with almost everything you need to start receiving broadcasts from the Outernet network with the only extras being a satellite dish and suitable LNB (Low Noise Block down converter).

If you want to see what the Outernet team are up to you can pop over to their website at or you can view the Raspberry Pi kit here

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