Been madly collecting and stripping wire this week for the 160 meter field day antenna and its dawned very quickly that I have nowhere near enough to finish 🙂 , its one thing to look at coils of wire and estimated what’s there but reality bites once you start measuring it out.

Don’t get me wrong I knew the amount I had was not going to completely finish it, but to find I’m only just over halfway means finding more wire from somewhere. Before copper prices went through the roof and everybody realized it was worth taking to the scrap yard you could normally find a fair bit of thinner gauge wire hanging about.

1.8 Mhz wire antenna

Much 3 Core was Sacrificed in its Creation!

All that’s changed now and you’ll even see household appliances being scraped minus the mains cable (especially if its been left in the street for any length of time).

Not There Yet

I’ve gone as far as I can go with what I had and I’m still 72 meters short!, will have to make another trip down the boot sale this weekend and see if I can get a reel or two on the cheap to finish the antenna.

As it is right now there will be problems actually deploying the antenna and I’m hoping the extra wire I need will come on a reel that’s big enough to take the whole wires length. Unfortunately wrapping it this way is the hope I have to stop it from tangling up (again).

Did come across a bundle of a much smaller gauge hiding away and while it would do OK as an antenna, I have my doubts that it’s going to hold up under the combined weight of all the wire. Would rather take something I know is going to last at least one night than be messing around trying to patch up 160 meters of wire on the side of a mountain in the dark.

The funny thing is I’ve been formally warned by the wife that she doesn’t want to see wire go missing from around the house, I guess she’s finally got to know me after 14 years together 🙂

Regardless of where I get the wire from the next time you see this antenna it’ll be strung up out in the field and (hopefully) given some great reception.

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