Even though this week has been more busy than I hopeD for, I’ve still managed to make a little space each day for playing around on 20 meter PSK and although there’s a fair bit of time spent on 144 MHz at the moment, its still playing second fiddle to the fun being had on HF.

Setup is 10 watts, MultiPSK, the Home-brew 20 meter PSK Antenna, the computer interface I recently put together and the antenna has surprised me on 2 counts. Number one is that fact that its still up and has hardly needed any TLC and two is how well its working for something thrown together in a few hours out of what was basically junk.

There’s nothing like the buzz of using what you’ve built instead of a commercial product, even if it takes weeks to finish a project.


The Mighty MultiPSK


My PSK sessions usually start off with a quick chat to a very local ham, (M5AFV, Jim) who’s proximity to me (and no fault of his own) means we can’t really both use 20 meters PSK at the some time because either transmission wipes out our receivers front end 🙂 , luckily we mostly tend to be on air at different times

Had some nice DX later in the evening this week, as its when the 20 meter PSK segment go’s quiet enough to let the weaker stations comes through.

Monday 3/7/17

20.56 DL8AAY (Germany, 521 Miles)

Tuesday 4/7/17

00.03 US6ID (Ukraine, 1766 Miles)
US6ID (Ukraine, 1766 Miles), 00.06 RT6DI (Russia EU, 1923 Miles), 20.11 US5IMX (Ukraine, 1755 Miles), 21.00 YO6CVN (Romania, 1321 Miles), R3FO (Russia EU, 1590 Miles)

Wednesday 5/7/17

22.00 F1HSY (France, 529 Miles), 22.03 US1CA (Ukraine, 1423 Miles), 23.05 DF1ML (Germany, 714 Miles), 23.20 DG1ABE (Germany, 493 Miles)

Thursday 6/7/17

Started very late tonight as I had great fun removing the audio of my PSK computer that was connected to everything else. I’ve found it totally pointless listening to the PSK signal while using the radio and it was starting to get annoying. It took 2 hours to unravel what I thought was a masterpiece a few weeks again, must remember to mark up connections better 🙂

23.35 RA4P (Russia EU, 2184 Miles)

Despite staying up way past sensible and PSKReporter showing my 10 watts reaching the US coast, nothing came back and I called it a night, happy with the one 2000+ mile contact.

Friday Off!

Usually have a lot of time on a Friday to sit at the radio, but as its summer and the chance of rain free weekend (a rarity in the UK), means I’ll be most likely be spending Friday night camping on a mountain (somewhere) with a few radios!


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