Late last year I wrote a blog post about some of the beautifully laid out shacks that get posted on social media. If you read that post you’ll know getting to that state of neatness is a distant dream for me, as I don’t have the patience and things are always being moved around.

radio shack

Maybe One Day 🙂

In a stark contrast to the very tidy radio setups its great to view them ‘as is’ and that’s exactly what you can see over at SWLing in a post called SWLing Post shack photos

Yeah, there’s tidy and minimalist shack photos, but there’s also a few that resemble the organized chaos I live with everyday. Of real interest is the picture from Vance Thompson (K7VNZ) (9th picture down) which takes a bit of looking at to get an idea of whats really going on 🙂

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