Amanda Dawn Christie reports that the project ‘Spectres of Shortwave’ is almost ready after 6 years in the making. Working on a small budget, the 90 minute film will be produced from 46 days of filming at the old Radio Canada International SW radio transmitter site.

Radio Canada International towers

Radio Canada International

Filming around the workers taking down the towers, Amanda muses over the initial reaction of the crews.

“I think in the beginning they didn’t know what to make of me … but after two months of seeing me everyday with a 50-pound camera going out in the snow 12 hours a day, working just as hard as they were, it was nice to see that work acknowledged.”

The full interview can be read over at

A Preview Slice

Looking around I found this short video on Vimeo about the Radio Canada International towers in Sackville coming down that looks like it will be included in the finished film.

Radio Canada International towers picture Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)

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