With the aid of a slapped together battery pack and some very cheap Duracell batteries, one of my DX394 shortwave receivers had its first summer outing last weekend. This was a little test to see how things went with the homemade battery setup before it gets taken on a more serious overnight camping/radio session.

Not wanting to go far this weekend for the dual reasons of too much going on at home and needing a rest after caning my particular rough style of wild camping over the last few weeks (weathers been very nice), I packed bed roll, sleeping bag, radios and headed out to a quiet and secluded local hilltop.

These test are also in preparation for the long overdue roll out of the 160 Meter Longwire Antenna I built last year and still haven’t had the chance to setup on a camping trip.

DX394 Hilltop Video

Even though setting up the longwire was never going to happen in this location (have the perfect spot on a welsh mountain picked out for that!), dragging it along was important so its weight, the weight of the radio/batteries and typical backpack full of camping gear can be judged (at least over a few miles).

There’s no fate worse than hitting a mountain climb then finding out that your carrying way too much weight to make it to the top without half killing yourself 🙂

The Battery Pack

Cheap and nasty for the test as the only local source for decent battery holders is a hideously overpriced high street electronics store and cant bring myself to line their greedy little pockets anymore than is absolutely necessary.

Makeshift SW Antenna

OK, so the 160 meter beast isn’t getting a run out and with the complete lack of trees along with turning up after dark, I was forced to just run some wire down the side of a hill.

I know it sounds like a really crappy antenna but it did surprisingly well and gave a great night HF listening.

So Little Noise!

Why do I go to the trouble of dragging this equipment all this way and taking the time to set it up?

Its because of the greatly reduced noise floor that being away from houses and that general radio hash that comes from living around other human beings.

If you’ve ever tried a SW radio in the middle of nowhere with even a half decent antenna setup then you’ll certainly know what I mean, and if you haven’t, you should get on it ASAP 🙂

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