The Sangean TB -100 Tough Box is a complete break away from the usual small case portable receivers release by this successful company. With an uncomplicated design and large control panel the Tough Box is built to take more punishment than typical radios.

Surrounded by a rugged roll cage to prevent impact damage if the radio is knocked or dropped, this Sangean radio may not be the best looking piece of radio kit you’ll ever own but the solid design does give it a certain longevity.

The no nonsense form and function of the Tough Box leaves you in no doubt that this is a basic receiver. The large control knobs and big buttons have been designed for easy use when wearing heavy gloves while the entire radio is dust and waterproof making it ideal for industrial environments.

Sangean TB-100 Tough Box

Sangean TB-100 Tough Box
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  • Rain Resistant
  • Audio input allows you to play MP3 and other devices through the Tough Box
  • Large Water Resistant Speaker
  • 10 Memory Presets split 5 AM and 5 FM
  • Built in circuit for rechargeable batteries

One nice feature included on the Tough Box is the option to play any other portable music device through it, this makes this solid little radio very flexible and with the right MP3 player you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted music. The connection is uncomplicated and once you have the simple lead in place, you can wire in countless other music devices.

More and more radios now have a internal charging option so the batteries never have to be removed to charge them, with the Sangean TB-100 being no exception. This does save money and time not having to deal with a stand alone charger while also preventing any moisture or dust getting into the radios circuitry.

Sangean TB-100 Tough Box rear view

Sangean TB-100 Tough Box (rear view)

The addition of long wave reception would make this radio much better and maybe give it more appeal to a wider section of the portable radio market as well as industrial users. Having only 10 presets could be a problem for some but with the Tough box designed to be more of a working radio than something built for the hobbyist maybe its Sangean trying to keep costs down and make the radio as simple as possible to use.

Since this radio was released I’ve seen more than a few being used on building sites and house renovations. Even though its a little sad to see them covered in everything from paint to the odd bit of cement, it gives a true understanding of what this radio is designed to deal with and keep going.

Outside of the workplace the protection offered by the water and dust proofing of the Toughbox does make it an ideal candidate for those less than sunny camping trips, although its size and weight could make carrying it any distance (along with all your other gear) a bit of a chore.

If you tear through portable radios like a child goes through shoes than maybe the Sangean TB -100 Tough Box could just be the radio for you.

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