Another part of my obsession with radio is the wonderful new and old books that have been produced on the subject over the years. This copy of Short Wave Wireless Communications By A W Ladner is a testament to radio design before the age of the transistor.

Short Wave Wireless Communications By A W Ladner

Short Wave Wireless Communications By A W Ladner and C R Stoner
From My Personal Collection

This is a comprehensive guide to all things shortwave written from the engineers point of view making it heavy on the maths and calculation side of radio but if you have any interest in valve circuits there are more than enough schematics to go around.

As this revision of the book was published at a time when transistors where still only being used in demonstration radios with the first commercial product still 5 years away you can forgive the authors for not devoting space to a as yet unproven technology.

Even though some of the terminology and equipment discussed are a bit dated you cant get away from the great deal of work put into this publication with much of the number data being just as relevant today as its always been. Precision jumps out from every page (that’s engineers for you) and you can see the tremendous amount of work it took to get the book ready for sale.

Apart from the many schematics of valve receivers and transmitters one of my favorite things about this book has to be the section on typical transmitters, vintage radio has always fascinated me and the pictures of huge 1kw transmitters from that time are good to look at while being a constant reminder of how far our technology has come since the 1950 revision of this book.

Tables of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sound and Vision Signals
  3. Amplitude, Phase and Frequency Modulation of an HF Carrier
  4. The Propagation of Short and Ultra-Short Waves over Short Distances
  5. The Propagation of Short and Ultra-Short Waves through the Ionosphere
  6. Radio Frequency Lines, or Feeders
  7. Wave Guides
  8. Aerials
  9. Aerial Arrays
  10. Power Amplifiers
  11. Oscillators and Constant Frequency Oscillators
  12. Electron Oscillators
  13. Modulation Circuits
  14. Reception of Short and Ultra-Short Waves
  15. Typical Receivers
  16. Wireless Telephone Circuits
  17. Wireless Telegraph Circuits
  18. Some Typical Transmitters and a Transmitter Receiver

This book is an iconic piece of work from two very capable radio engineers and is referenced countless times in preceding publications both as a solid base for further radio experiments and as inspiration for a whole generation of radio enthusiasts and constructors.

If you can get hold of a copy of Short Wave Wireless Communications cheap enough it could be a welcome addition to your existing collection or the start of a new passion for vintage books.

Authors : A.W.Ladner and C.R.Stoner
Publisher : Chapman and Hall Ltd
Year : 1950 (5th Edition)
Pages : 717
Available from Amazon (Various Editions)

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