Nice weather over the last weekend gave the unusual opportunity for this time of year to drag myself and some radios out of the house for a few hours. A well used route that takes me right around the outside of the local town can be completed in about 4 hours but ended up being just over 7 hours because of the time spent sat down playing with radios.

A quick visit to a spot of high ground to get some use out of a radio scanner meant leaving more than enough daylight to park myself down with my ageing Eton E5 (yep, its still going) in a nice area of a local wood that’s been a favorite for a while now.

A spot on one of the most unused path into the woods nearly always means nobody walks by (people can sometimes get the wrong idea of what your up to).


Battered Eton E5 🙂

Slinging up the Antenna

With the whole reason for this visit was to get away from all the man made crap flooding the HF bands meant I wasn’t looking at spending too much time putting up the perfect antenna and opted for a quick five minute job of tying off some insulated copper wire around a few trees.

Overall length was about 15 meters and did a good enough job for a Saturday afternoon sat in woodland like a techno hermit.


Quick and Dirty Woodland SW Antenna

Perfect Timing

Yeah my battered Eton E5 likes to drift randomly off channel and its long past looking tidy, but setting up around mid afternoon gave a nice mix of activity on the 14MHz ham band (video below) along with catching some early pirate radio stations. Did have a replacement knob on the tuning dial but that has disappeared somewhere (I’ll probably find it in the bottom of my rucksack).

There’s a little noise from a near busy road and although sitting in a wood with rucksack full of electronics while wearing headphones isn’t the safest thing to do, they went on all the same 🙂

I always loose track of time when messing around with radio and 2 hours had slipped by before realizing that the sun was dropping down sharply and the sudden lowering of temperature got me up and heading home.

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