Its not very often I’m the only one in the house on a Sunday and with no one seeking valuable time from me, I had plenty of time to play radio.

pirate radio freqs

This is the second weekend since I started checking out pirate radio on the shortwave band after many years and the one thing I’m grateful for is the mountain of resources available on the Internet these days.

Finding background and likely transmission times/frequencies on any pirate station is a whole lot easier then the last time I had an interest in this side of hobby radio.

These station were received on either an HF enabled RTL dongle or my trusty Realistic DX 394

European Pirate Radio Log

FrequencyTime (Gmt)StationComments
630519.00Radio Merlin International Booming!
628519.43BogusmanDeep Fade
634319.58Henk FMNoisy
639020.00Radio JoeyStrong Clear Signal
620020.06Radio Ronalisa
631820.15Radio Underground
628020.20Radio Montferland

Did stop listening earlier than usual this week as the band became very unstable at my end and it was annoying trying to listen to all that great music with that much interference mixed in.

There are more than a few that I couldn’t make out with noisy band conditions and hopefully next weekend will be better.

Its All Coming Back!

Had a much easier time of actually identifying the stations this week without having to hang around for ages listening for them to state their name. The frequencies may change but many of the pirate stations still stick to a particular theme.

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