Been a few weeks since I’ve logged down some pirate stations, even though I listen most weekends (beats the commercial side of radio hands down) I’m usually too busy to sit and marked everything heard.

Its a slow, wet Sunday today so I’ve got the time to chill out and do some logging 🙂

pirate radio freqs

European Pirate Radio Log

Frequency (Khz)Time (Gmt)StationComments
640017.06Radio CarolineNice Steady Signal
626517.24Zender Digital
630517.27Radio PaardenkrachtPlaying Pretty Woman
621018.40Radio 42Reggae Music
625518.44? Radio Telstar
624518.46Radio PythonGreat Mix of Music Tonight!
638018.59Radio Joey Euro-Dance, Good Signal
628519.12Rode Adelaar
621519.22??Very Scratchy, German Language

A Vast Improvement

Band conditions were much better than a month ago, with that report having so many unidentified stations it was barely worth writing and a very frustrating night.

Think I’ll make these posts a once a month item, that way I can set aside a bit of time to do a proper job.

Radio Python never fails to impress and its difficult to break myself away from their music style to hunt down other stations.

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