With more and more shortwave radio stations disappearing from the bands it does seem that its golden days are far behind us but huge amounts of audio from current and vintage broadcasts are being collected and archived as a way of recording this slice of radio history forever.

Shortwave Radio Audio Archives
One of the Internets strengths has always been the ability to present databases of multimedia information to whoever wishes to use it with this feature now being utilized to give radio enthusiasts access to thousands of hours of shortwave radio audio files.

The Shortwave Radio Archive is a relatively new archive site but is building up its audio content base quickly aided by the very user friendly method for submitting new audio files. Record your audio into a MP3 or Wav file then use the link provided to upload it to the archive, because the uploaded audio files are kept on a third party server to complete the process you need to send the location of the file to the people at Shortwave Radio Archive.

Once you have been through this process once it becomes much easier the next time round. One thing to note about the file type you upload is even though any Wav files will be available online they will never make it into the sites podcast because of their huge sized compared to MP3 files.

Shortwave Radio Archive has a nice clean look with the audio files immediately accessible without jumping through hoops but is strangely missing any search function which would certainly make finding specific files much easier.

Pirate Radio Audio Collections

If anything at all should be saved its the pirate radios stations, always seeming to be at the front line of broadcasting their lack of affiliation or heavy editorially control has bought us some great and unique content over the years.

Going over to the Shortwave Pirate Radio section of the massive Archive.org we find a nice collection of pirate station recordings. Available in MP3 format for quicker download there are some long length recordings from a wide selection of stations.

Other Shortwave Audio Archive Sites

The Conet Project : A collection of audio from numbers stations

The SWLing Post – Shortwave Radio Recordings : Varied files covering different types of transmissions.

With all the free resources and communities available online to store data many small projects have sprung up usually created by the authors of the recorded audio themselves. As more projects are started some of these files will find their way into the bigger archives but the smaller websites do contain a wealth of information about the back story of the recordings that make them well worth a visit.


Radio dial picture Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

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