Two more days and I’ll be heading on out for an extended hiking/camping session starting with a trek along the UK’s stunning south west coastal path that should take maybe a month (depending on how much wandering I do).

Even though I thought about it, I just don’t see how its humanly possible to go without radio for that long so I’ve made room in my already heavy camping kit for radios + antennas.

Having only just got my hands on a Yaesu FT-817ND there’s not been scope to get much use out of it, but this trip should solve that problem with the chance to set up camp, throw up a wire antenna and relax in the tent (providing the wind isn’t too crazy).

The SW Coast Path at Ilfracombe

The SW Coast Path at Ilfracombe

I have a feeling that its going to cost a bit of money in batteries, although as I’m into my QRP anyway it should be easy enough to squeeze some decent time out of a fresh set. To say I’m looking forward to this much time to get some portable operating done is a serious understatement and even if the weathers not that great this time of year, it’ll still be an experience!

Still Blogging

Also managed to tuck in a small laptop so I can keep my websites up to date and I’m sure there’s going to be a fair amount of sitting around in coffee shops paying for WiFi in cappuccinos.

If you’ve ever done long distant hiking before you’ll know the prep that goes into the kit you carry and its been challenging trying to keep pack weight down with the addition of radio gear (but so worth it). Trekked over bit of this route before and with more time on my hands now I’d like to try join up the dots.

Operating Times?

As its slow going walking the path I’ll know where I’m going to be a few days ahead and will try to post something here (+ social media) about times and frequencies being used 🙂 (most likely 40 meters).

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