Now that those warm summer nights are well behind us SOTA activity has understandably died down with less of us willing to stand around in the bitterly cold winter weather. That said there are those who see this as even more of a challenge than getting that SOTA activation itself.

I’ve been trawling YouTube (yet again) and found these great winter activation’s and even from the warmth of my shack they still made me feel a little chilly 🙂

The first video is amazing and I imagine it was a very uncomfortable (and short) radio session!

2m activation of Kráľova Hoľa, Slovakia

Video Courtesy of yaksvk

SOTA LA/RL-106 Skurvenuten, Norway

Video Courtesy of Kjetil Vinorum

Kudos to these two operators for making the effort (despite the conditions) and getting the videos uploading so we can all enjoy them.

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